Improving the safety of drivers and passengers around the world.

Our vision is a world where every driver and passenger arrives safely.

The mission at ITFT is to improve the safety of drivers, passengers, and vehicles across the planet. We are innovating the new philosophy and technology of automotive safety. Founded and operated through passion, our company focuses on delivering excellence through high-intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.


When the founder of ITFT began to research vehicle safety, due to the loss of a childhood friend in a car accident, he discovered the auto industry is currently focused on accidents that have already taken place. Unfortunately, the research done today is reactive and works to provide better services post-accident, such as seatbelts, airbags, and camera systems. Our competitors only use data after the fact to see why the accident occurred. ITFT has developed a technology that is proactive, helping to avoid accidents altogether using intelligent, instantaneous data and analytics.

At ITFT, we believe the simplicity of our product is unparalleled. We believe drivers should be focused on protecting themselves and their precious cargo. Instead of lengthy and confusing hardware that is cumbersome to implement, we have developed innovative technology that is simple to install and empowering to use.

Because our product is proactive, not only do we reduce accidents, but using our technology will lower the costs involved with fuel, maintenance, and insurance. By mitigating 86% of traffic accidents and significantly decreasing operational costs, Soteria more than pays for itself and is accessible to everyone. Our focus began with school buses and is growing into fleets, commercial vehicles, and into the lives of every family in America. ITFT’s fundamental goal is to save countless lives and improve automotive safety on an international level.


ITFT's product, Soteria, is patent protected in the US and around the world.

In 2016 ITFT received full utility patent of Soteria in the US. Subsequent patents have been received in China and Japan. Our current patent filings include Australia, Brazil, Canada, India and each country within the European Union. The intellectual property protects our proprietary functionality that differentiates Soteria from current and future competitors in the marketplace as well as provides assets for licensing revenue.


Our products and services are protected by the following US patents and patents pending:

U.S. Patent No. 9,311,762 / 61/927,692 / PCT/US2014/071869

Japan Patent No. 2016-544656

China China No. ZL 2014 8 0073044.5.

PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2014/071869

European Patent Application No. 14 879 244.3 1756

India Patent Application No. 201617022527

Brazil Patent Application No. BR 11 2016 016180 7

Australia Patent Application No. 2014377550

Canada Patent Application No. 2,935,344

Executive & Leadership Team

The ITFT team is comprised of experienced and successful engineers, business strategists, marketing experts, and attorneys. Each person who is a part of the team at ITFT was carefully selected for their position based on their proven records of achievement and success.

Matthew Godley

Matthew Godley

CEO, Founder
Perry Williams

Perry Williams

Director of Business Development
Christy Harner

Christy Harner

Marketing Consultant
John Hondros

John Hondros



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