Safeguard your fleets with Soteria's unprecedented level of safety and savings.

ELD Certified, Soteria reduces the liability of commercial fleets by providing the highest level of safety by mitigating speeding, reckless driving, and cellular distractions.


With Soteria, reduce the costs and liabilities of your fleet.

The United States Department of Transportation estimates that more than 500,000 truck accidents occur each year and kill nearly 5,000 people.  In 2017, fleet vehicle accidents cost companies approximately $57B.  Furthermore, the average increase in insurance rates after an accident is 15%.  Using Soteria in your vehicles reduces your insurance premiums.

Soteria keeps your fleet safe on the road

With Soteria, fleet administrators can improve the safety of their drivers and fleet vehicles by mitigating 86% of accidents caused by speeding, reckless driving, and cellular-distractions.


The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that 86% of automotive accidents occur from speeding, reckless driving, and cellular-distractions. In real time, Soteria elevates transportation safety to a premier level by mitigating these causes of accidents.


Soteria leads to significant savings in operational costs. Research produced by the U.S. Department of Energy determined that by simply driving the speed limit, every gas and diesel-powered vehicle saves between 20-60% on fuel costs each year. Preventive maintenance notifications from Soteria help save on expenses associated with service and repair charges. Soteria also lowers insurance premiums for fleets by lowering accident liability.


The installation of Soteria is seamless and completed within seconds.  Regardless of the sizes and types of fleet vehicles, Soteria will improve the operational safety and savings from the moment of installation.


How Soteria works

Fleet administrators will receive a precise notification exact moment any dangerous  event occurs.  This alert will include the time, pinpoint GPS location of the specific vehicle, and description of the event (speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking, excessive swerving, or accident). 


How Soteria works

Fleet administrators will receive alerts the moment anything happens, from speeding to rapid acceleration to an accident. Notifications are sent at the precise moment the reckless driving behavior occurs and will contain the time and GPS location for review.


Know exactly what happens, when it happens, and take action to improve safety.

In the event a driver is driving recklessly by rapid acceleration, hard braking, or excessive swerving, a notification will be sent to the fleet administrator.  This notification is sent at the precise moment the reckless driving behavior occurs and will contain the time and GPS location for review.



Reduce the risk for potential lawsuits and legal claims

Protect your company from legal claims and lawsuits by taking the best safety precautions.  Soteria keeps full analytics on your fleet’s locations, driving habits, and accident reports. This gives you the ability to easily generate full reports as needed.

The features:

Below are all the features Soteria offers in real-time by plugging in the devices and logging into your Soteria portal site. The * symbol represents features coming soon.


Locate fleet vehicles in real time and determine their optimal travel routes.


Adaptive speeding alerts are sent in real time to notify fleet administrators when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit or the designated threshold set above the speed limit.


Hard braking wastes fuel as well as increases the risk of accidents and cost of maintenance. You can choose to be notified of all hard braking events.


With Soteria's swerving alerts, be notified when a driver makes any dangerous movement, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by reckless driving.


Immediate alerts, including GPS location, are sent to fleet administrators in the event of an accident.


Automatically adaptive to each road, speed prevention allows fleet administrators to prevent their vehicles from exceeding the posted speed limit.


Rapid accelerations waste fuel and increase the risk of accidents. Fleet administrators can elect to be notified of all rapid accelerations.


Allows fleet administrators to select which functions and apps are operational on their driver's cell phones while operating fleet vehicles. Soteria provides a simple and comprehensive solution to cellular distracted driving. The mitigation of cellular distractions improves the safety of your drivers and vehicles.


Receive maintenance notifications when a fleet vehicle service is indicated by its onboard diagnostics. This feature saves on maintenance costs as well as helps prevent costly breakdowns.

Let's Compare

Better than Apple.

Apple introduced a new feature on the iOS platforms for iPhones and iPads to disable texting and emailing while on the road. While some may view this as a threat to the cellular prevention solution Soteria provides, others may propose it increases the value of Soteria. The new software update for Apple devices is problematic for two reasons: its inability to determine who is the driver or passengers in a vehicle.  Fleet administrators can now rest assured that all of their drivers will follow the strict laws and regulations of not using their cell phones while driving a company vehicle.

Real speeding data.

Soteria is the only product on the market that detects every posted speed limit and reports speeding instantly.  While other products and services only report the average or maximum speed of a vehicle, Soteria is the only product on the market patented to PREVENT speeding if fleet administrators activate this feature for all of their vehicles.  Activation of this feature by administrators allows their drivers to only drive the posted speed limit if they desire, or allows selection of any MPH they will permit their drivers to exceed any posted speed limit.  For example, an administrator may elect to allow their vehicles to exceed any speed limit by 5 MPH.

How it works.

To use Soteria, a person inserts the Soteria device into the OBDII port located underneath the steering wheel of a vehicle and downloads the Soteria mobile-app on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

How it works.

To use Soteria, a person inserts the Soteria device into the OBDII port located underneath the steering wheel of a vehicle. Next, download the Soteria mobile app on to their phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s that simple.

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